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Are you looking for a sweetener that is good for you? Here are reasons to consider local honey as your sweetener of choice. It is better than processed sugar.
  1. Honey is sweeter than sugar. Use less honey, consume fewer calories, and get more sweetness.
  2. Honey contains 2% vitamins, minerals, protein, and local pollen that are all good for you. Processed sugar does contains nothing but empty calories.

  3. Local honey contains local pollen that many people say has reduced their allergy symptoms. It hasn't been medically proven yet, but thousands of people can't be wrong.
  4. Honey reduces fatty accumulations in our cardiovascular system.

  5. Honey contains antioxidants that help you resist aging. Sugar does not.
  6. Honey is a simple sugar that is more easily digested and absorbed slower in our digestive system than sugar.

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