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Home What are the economic benefits of local honey?

Just like landscapes, it is hard to tell one honey bottle from another just by looking at it. The above landscapes are all very different. They span 3 continents. They are in the North and the South. They all have very different plants and pollens. They also can all look the same in a honey bottle. Why not just buy the cheap stuff?

Buying local honey helps your local farmer, builds Pennsylvania's economy, and keeps America strong. Don't be fooled by cheap prices nor misled by labels saying "Product of the USA and Canada". America only produces 40% of the honey it consumes. The other 60% is imported. Most of the imports are actually illegal Chinese honey shipped from other countries. This imported honey is blended with American honey and labeled "Made in the U.S.A." It is fraud. It is cheap. Don't buy it. It is not American honey. It is not local honey. It is barely even considered "honey." Read on to learn why you need to buy only local honey.

It Matters to You It Matters to Your Local Farmer
  Local honey is not filtered. All natural ingredients are included.   The local farmer's business depends on local honey sales.
  You know your local beekeeper and can ask questions.   Crops within 2 miles of the hives are pollinated by the farmer's bees.
  Local honey will not be available if we don't support it.   Your local farmer is supporting your local job or business.
It Matters to Pennsylvania's Economy It Matters to America's Economy
PA produces about 600 tons of honey per year!

Buy some Chester County honey today!